Planetary Moe Fandom
You are the PLANETARY MOE fandom and you are awaiting the day your totally awesome WEBCOMIC abut personified celestial objects becomes a HUGE SUCCESS. But until that happens, you're going to have to wait.
  •  _Times may vary_
  • Five Inch Heels: Muse is forced to wear shoes certainly... out of their comfort zone for a day (anon specifies the shoe)
  • Gravity: Muse suffers from a lack of it for two days, and when gravity is restored, they keep dropping things and expecting them to float for an extra day.
  • Don't Do The Thing: Muse suddenly gets a buttload of ridiculous urges to do things that are dangerous to their health (like say, stick their finger in a pencil sharpener) Day or less
  • Dragons Have It Bad: Muse breathes fire every time they open their mouth. They can't stop. Two days
  • Scarves Are Evil: Muse begins wearing a scarf that is slowly getting tighter, but it won't stop until someone steps in. Three day max.
  • Mirror: Muse can now travel through mirrors! Level up! Unfortunately though, they can't always control it, and the mirrors love to swallow up unsuspecting souls. Is your muse next? Two days
  • Always The Cute Ones: Muse is suddenly gifted with a cute small insect beast, which, unbeknownst to the muse, feeds on their anger (or some other common emotion the muse has, anon decides) and grows, eventually turning into a disgusting monster if left unchecked.
  • Gridwork: Muse is trapped in an electronic device of anon's choosing for three days-- a device that's glitching, and their darker side may make an appearance.
  • 80 Days: Muse is restless. Terminally so. Whenever they sit down, they are compelled to stand back up again, keep moving, until they drop. (Anon decides where muse begins this journey) Lasts three days.
  • Hands Off: Anything muse touches becomes poisoned or wilts. Four days.
  • Phobia: Muse has an obsessive fear of (anon decides) for two days
  • Good Beast: Muse is given commands by a voice, and if they obey, their world becomes sharper. If not, they begin to lose vision and body functions. (Anon decides the voice, must be plotted between muns) Three and a half days.
  • Blood rush: Muse is stuck in a woodland trap, dangling by their foot. (Anon decides who the trap belongs to) Lasts until someone helps them out.
  • It's Spreading: Muse ends up with a small, black spot on their neck that slowly spreads, and as it does, they get crabbier and less sociable and the gunk coats their body. If the goo is unchecked, after three days it sinks into the muse's skin, and they're under its dark control for another two days unless someone can snap them out of it.
  • God Damn It Me: Muse is now a zombie. The catch: their spirit is watching as a ghost, and is frustrated at all the stupid shit their body is pulling. One other muse can see them, though, and anon decides who. Lasts for roughly two days.

Send me “:3” for my Muse’s reaction to yours bringing home a:


{Number generator here if you want it}

  1. cat
  2. rabbit
  3. snake
  4. bird
  5. tiger
  6. dog
  7. alligator
  8. ferret
  9. hamster
  10. horse
  11. squirrel 
  12. goldfish
  13. frog
  14. lizard

  • 17 Again: Muse is in his/her 17 year old form.
  • Spirit Animal: Muse is turned into an animal (Anon decides what) for 12 hours.
  • Flesh: Muse is horny and wants to have rough sex(ex.being thrown against a wall and bitten)(Anon chooses time)
  • Truth potion: Muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for ___
  • Flustered: When Muse sees, (anon chooses), Muse will stutter, blush, and act like a complete klutz around said individual, for 3 hours.
  • Whipped Cream: Muse wants everything with whipped cream on it for 3 hours
  • Sweet Nothings: Your muse is full of nothing but happiness and positive things to say for 24 hours.
  • Pure: Sex? What’s that? Muse suddenly has the mentality of a three year old, and can’t understand anything ‘adult’. Anon decides the duration.
  • Jealousy: Muse will be jealous, of (anon chooses) for a certain amount of time. Anon chooses, for what reason Muse is jealous. Also for how long.
  • Sight: Muse is blind for ___
  • Hearing: Muse is deaf for ___
  • Memory: Muse cannot remember anything for ___
  • Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
  • Gemini: Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
  • Beer: Muse will talk like a Drunk and hit on everybody, lasts 3 Hours
  • Host: Muse will be a Gentleman/Lady for 34 Hours
  • Age: Muse will be a Kid for 10 Hours
  • Feels: Muse will be obsessed with an event or something that will cause them to express related emotions (Anon decides)
  • Answer: Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully, lasts 4 hours
  • Noise: Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
  • Obsession: Muse will be obsessed with ______ (Anon specifies) for the next 12 hours.
  • Reverse: Muse's personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)
  • Class: Muse will believe they are a high-class prostitute for (Anon decides)
  • Switch: Muse has to switch bodies with (Anon decides, but muns have to agree) for (Anon decides how long)
  • Power: Muse gains _______ (Anon specifies) as a power for 17 hours
  • Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel toward anyone they speak to each time they speak to them for the next 5 hours
  • Enemy: Muse takes the appearance of someone they hate for 16 hours
  • Dream: Muse is able to trespass in the dreams and nightmares of others for 48 hours
  • Impression: Muse thinks they are a ______ (Anon pick an animal) for 15 hours
  • Gone: Muse loses _____ (Mun decides something or someone important) for 16 hours
  • Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone in their inbox for the next hour
  • Stalk: Muse thinks they are being stalked for (Anon decides)
  • Nightmare: Muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking for 3 days
  • Paranoia: Muse becomes extremely paranoid about (Anon specifies what and for how long)
  • Hallucination: Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
  • Craving: Muse will have an unusual craving for (Anon specifies) for 9 hours
  • Gender Bender: Muse is the opposite gender for ___.
  • Angel: Muse is and angel for ___
  • Demon: Muse is a demon for ___
  • _____: Muse is a [troll / cyborg / robot / etc] for ___
  • Possession: Muse is possessed by a demon for ___
  • Broken: Muse is mentally broken and upset with themselves to the point that they harm themselves for ___

When people say my OTP isn’t real.



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  •  1. My muse has become mute. They are seeing yours for the first time since this happened.
  •   2. Your muse has left mine a worrying note and mine is trying to get in contact with yours.
  •   3. Your muse just tried to drown mine.
  •   4. Your muse has a new pet horse. My muse tries to convince yours not to keep it.
  •   5. My muse thinks your muse is dead. This is what mine says at your muse's unfilled grave.
  •   6. My muse is possessed and is trying to kill yours. Mine can see everything their body is doing but is helpless to stop it - the only thing they control is their eyes.
  •   7. My muse has to tell yours three things they regret.
  •   8. My muse has lost all their senses, other than touch and hearing. They must identify yours.
  •   9. My muse must abandon yours, to protect them. This is how my muse says goodbye.
  •   10. Your muse has angered mine, and my muse is holding a gun to your muse's head. This is what happens next.
  •   11. The vehicle our muses are in is crashing, and fatally. Only my muse knows. There is only one seatbelt/parachute/et cetera.
  •   12. Your muse is in a coma. This is what mine says at yours' bedside.
  •   13. My muse and your muse switch bodies! Twist is, they can now access each other's memories.
  •   14. My muse left yours, promising it would be only for a couple of minutes. They come back in a couple of years.
  •   15. My muse has jumped from a hospital roof and been announced dead. This is what they say when they show up on your muse's doorstep three years later.

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Fandomonium is a webnovel I’ve been thinking about for a while. It will involve Fandomstuck mostly but will also include other things like Onceler, Anons & other various thing that catch my fancy.

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